European Federation of Journalists

EFJ responds to EU consultation on access to social protection

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) has responded to a consultation launched by the European Commission calling for equal access and treatment of freelance and atypical workers in journalism. The consultation on ”a possible action addressing the challenges of access to social protection for people in all forms of employment” has identified a number of issues facing the so-called ”atypical workers”. In journalism, these atypcial workers are characterised by the work of freelance journalists who mostly are precarious due to the existing gap in social protection and wage. The EFJ welcomed the consultation and the challenges identified by the Commission.…

EFJ responds to EU consultation on Written Statement Directive

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) has responded to the consultation on the Written Statement Directive that obliges employers to inform employees their rights and conditions applicable to the contract or employment relationship. The consultation was launched by the European Commission within the framework of the European Pillar of Social Rights. The EFJ welcomes the consultation looking into improved protection for workers especially the so-called atypical workers who are in precarious working conditions. Here is the EFJ’s response.

Commission to assess EU audiovisual rules on media pluralism and independence of media regulators

The European Commission has launched a public consultation to assess current EU law on audiovisual media (Audiovisual Media Services Directive 2010/13/EU – AVMSD) to check if the current legislation is up-to-date for media in the digital era. According to the Commission’s communications, the consultation focuses on the following key topics: providing rules to shape technological developments creating a level playing field for emerging audiovisual media preserving cultural diversity protecting children and consumers safeguarding media pluralism combating racial and religious hatred guaranteeing the independence of national media regulators. During the review, stakeholders will be asked how effective the current law in…