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European Federation of Journalists

ECPMF debate: New laws to secure media freedom?

Committee of the Regions Rue Belliard 99-101, Brussels, Belgium

New laws to secure media freedom? Can whistleblowing protection and AVMS directive contribute to media freedom in the EU? Expert exchange with the European Centre for Press & Media Freedom, ECPMF. Meeting is hosted and chaired by Martina Michels, MEP and Cornelia Ernst, MEP Venue: Committee of the Regions (CoR), Rue Belliard 99-101 B - 1040 Brussels, meeting room: JDE 70 Languages: EN, DE, IT, HU 8:30 - 9:30 admission, main building of Committee of the Regions (CoR) Coffee at 9:00 (On the left hand side in the entrance hall you will find us at the large lit reception of the…

ECPMF conference: Promoting dialogue between the ECtHR and the media freedom community

Agora Building, Room 1 Strasbourg, France

Promoting dialogue between the ECtHR and the media freedom community Freedom of expression and the role and case law of the European Court of Human Rights: developments and challenges The European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF), supported by the Council of Europe and in cooperation with its partners, invites you to attend the conference “Promoting dialogue between the ECtHR and the media freedom community”. The event takes place on 24 of March 2017 at the Council of Europe's Agora Building in Strasbourg, France. The one-day conference aims to bring together judges and lawyers of the European Court of…

ECPMF fact-finding mission to Macedonia

Skopje Skopje

ECPMF, OBCT, SEEMO and EFJ are organising an important fact-finding mission to Skopje, Macedonia. The EFJ will be represented by its General Secretary Ricardo Gutiérrez. The mission will focus on the recent attacks/violence against journalists, which are, to our knowledge, often not investigated. There will be a press meeting to release a first statement on Friday, 28th, at 10am. Background information: IREX Media Sustainability Report (2017) on Macedonia: https://www.irex.org/sites/default/files/pdf/media-sustainability-index-europe-eurasia-2017-full.pdf (p. 63-76) FreedomHouse Report (2016) (https://freedomhouse.org/country/macedonia). CPJ article: https://cpj.org/blog/2017/04/in-macedonia-anti-press-rhetoric-leaves-journalist.php#more The 9 alerts on Macedonia submitted to the CoE Platform for the Protection of Journalism and the Safety of Journalists; The news on Macedonia…

ECPMF conference: “Defending journalists under threat”

Leipzig Leipzig, Germany

Threats to journalists and violations of media freedom in Europe are on the increase. They include the wholesale prosecution of journalists in Turkey, frequent attacks on media workers in Hungary, Poland and Ukraine, accreditations withdrawn at the G20 summit in Germany and daily harassment through verbal abuse and hate speech. ECPMF’s one-day conference “Defending journalists under threat” is looking at practical solutions to tackle the many threats journalists are facing today. Participants will discuss legal support to whistle-blowers and their journalistic contacts, safe houses away from home for media workers under threat and the political measures needed to change the current…

#Newsocracy III – La concentración de medios en España y Europa

Medialab-Prado Calle de la Alameda, 15, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

#newsocracy III brings together policy makers, academics, journalists, citizens and existing initiatives for transparency of media ownership structures to discuss media ownership concentration in Europe and Spain. The event is hosted by the ECPMF, PDLI and OBCT. ----------------- El European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF), la Plataforma en Defensa de la Libertad de Información (PDLI) y el Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa (OBCT), te invitan a #NEWSOCRACY III, la jornada sobre concentración mediática en Europa que reunirá a políticos, académicos, periodistas e iniciativas por la transparencia en la propiedad de los medios. Discutiremos sobre acontecimientos recientes, los peligros de la situación actual y posibles soluciones. Visita la web…

ECPMF mission to Albania

Albania , Albania

ECPMF is organising an advocacy mission in Albania, together with EFJ, Article 19, CPJ, SEEMO. Mission's dates: 18-21 June 2019. The EFJ will be represented by SC member Yannis Kotsifos.

Media freedom mission to Hungary


A coalition of international press freedom and journalist organizations will carry out a press freedom mission to Hungary from 25 to 27 November. Confirmed participants: IPI, ECPMF, CPJ, Article 19, RSF, EFJ (Ricardo Gutiérrez).

Newsocracy: Protect Public Service Media against Political Interference


Public Service Media should broadcast for the public, be financed and controlled by the public. They should be a trusted source of news and provide impartial information to enable citizens to make informed decisions. While Public Service Media should be independent, the rise of populism further exposes them to political interference. Politicians try to undermine the media's independence, manipulate and censor journalistic output. In the worst cases, Public Service Media are turned into state-controlled media, propaganda or public relations instruments.

Table ronde SNJ-CGT sur les violences policières sur les journalistes

Paris Paris, France

En partenariat avec l'ECPMF, le Centre européen pour la liberté de la presse et des médias, cette table ronde organisée par le SNJ-CGT (Pablo Aiquel) sera l'occasion de débattre du "Media freedom Police Codex", code de la liberté de la presse pour la police, qui avait été rendu public en décembre dernier à Bruxelles, et qui sera présenté pour la première fois en France (en français). Ce code a été réalisé en partenariat avec la Fédération européenne des journalistes, qui sera présente avec la participation de la directrice Renate Schroeder, à la deuxième table-ronde. A 14h, une première table-ronde sur…