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Mediane Box for Media Diversity officially launched in Brussels

On 12 – 14 November, the Council of Europe (CoE) has launched a new toolbox for media professionals at the final encounter of a EU and CoE funded project on Media in Europe for Diversity Inclusiveness (MEDIANE) with partnering organistions* including the European Federation of Journalists.

The toolbox called “MEDIANE Box” was developed based on the hundreds of media professionals who have participated throughout the two-year project led by the CoE.

The MEDIANE Box aims at supporting media professionals to include diversity in their daily work and production. It is considered as

  • a self-monitoring tool to monitor the capacities of the media and their staff members to improve their diversity inclusiveness in production and professional practices,
  • an action support tool for strengthening diversity inclusiveness in media content design and production.

This last and third MEDIANE European Encounter has also been the opportunity to network and build common activities between various actors as a way for deepening exchanges on media diversity inclusiveness after the end of the joint EU/CoE MEDIANE programme.

The final encounter was held in Brussels by the Council of Europe with the support of RTBF (public TV and Radio broadcasting for the French speaking community in Belgium) and in partnership with AGJPB (EFJ affiliate in Belgium), Centre pour l’égalité des chances, CSA and Institut pour l’égalité entre les femmes et les hommes.








*Partners of the MEDIANE programme includes: EFJ – European Federation of Journalists, CMFE – Community Media Forum Europe, EJTA – The European Journalism Training Association & Media Animation